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Scott’s Journey

This week has been a really special one at Little Gate, we have been celebrating graduations! A few years ago, we introduced graduation as a way of ensuring that trainees’ journeys were one of progression and development. Watching trainees grow while they are here is truly a privilege and something that us farm team treasure. However, this journey does make the goodbye very emotional!

On Friday, we said goodbye to Scott. Scott has been a valued trainee who has undeniably been a role model to many people who attend the farm. He is a bubbly, confident and sociable team player who is always looking for ways to help others. Scott began attending the farm in 2017 and immediately jumped straight into action, being a staple part of many areas of the farm, including the woodland project.

Scott in his natural habitat!

Scott was even involved in our very first summer of holding events at our beautiful barn!

Scott’s supported employment journey began with his work experience at Frewen College, where he worked for 4 weeks with job coach Cat doing grounds-work. This work experience would turn out to be monumental in Scott realising that his passion is working outdoors. Not too soon after this, Scott gained his first paid job as groundsman at Kench Hill Centre where he still works now! Scott loves his job, and Kench Hill love him!

At Kench Hill

We will miss Scott hugely, his presence brings so much joy to those around him. He won trainee of the year back in 2018 and this is a testament to how much of a great role model he has been. Scott will now be attending the jobs forum to continue his career journey, we know he will do a fantastic job whatever he does. We wish you all the luck in the world Scott! x

-LGF Team