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A little gate to a bigger future

Only 6% of adults with learning disabilities are in paid employment.
This means 94% are in unpaid work, day care or stuck at home.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

At Little Gate we believe that everyone has the right to train for, find and thrive in paid employment.
We work with families and businesses across East Sussex and Kent to make this vision a reality.
Help us and you’re helping to change lives.

What we do

Supported Employment

We find paid jobs for adults with learning disabilities and autism, giving them all the support they need to learn the role, adapt to their new workplace and become a real asset to their employer.

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Supported Apprenticeships

We give adults with learning disabilities and autism the opportunity to train ‘on the job’ in paid apprenticeships. We work closely with employers and specialist education providers to ensure everyone involved gets the most from these wonderful learning opportunities.

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Supported Work Training

We offer training in a wide range of job roles to adults with learning disabilities and autism. We apply a business ethos to all the training, giving trainees the experience of a professional workplace while they learn specific job skills.

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Little Gate Rangers

Our Young Ranger and Teen Ranger clubs are for children aged 8 to 18 with learning disabilities or autism. We provide a wonderful range of fun activities around our farm and woodland. The kids get to explore the countryside, make new friends and grow in confidence.

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Social enterprise

We run several social enterprise ventures which create income for the charity and give our trainees valuable business experience. These include venue hire at our farm, cut flower production and products from our woodland enterprise scheme.

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Upcoming events

Beckley 10k

Support Little Gate by running this year's Beckley 10k.

Little Gate Employer Awards

A chance to celebrate the employers who make a difference to the lives of people with learning disabilities and autism.


The latest Little Gate news

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