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Our mission is to help people with learning disabilities and autism into paid work.

We do this through our Supported Work Training Programme, finding Supported Employment and Supported Apprenticeship opportunities, and continuing to support both our trainees and their employers throughout their career.

We also run the Little Gate Young Rangers club for children and Young People aged 8 to 21. This gives children and young people a wonderful opportunity to grow and learn, while having great fun and making friends. It also provides valuable respite time for families.

Our support for families continues once their children have reached adulthood, through our Parent Forum.

Coming to Little Gate Farm has done wonders for Patrick’s confidence. He really enjoys his job at The Source Skate Park. I think that working has made a big difference to his pride in himself. It’s lovely to see.

— Parent of a Little Gate trainee.

More about our life changing work

How it all started

As Claire and David Cordell’s daughter approached adulthood, they began to realise that there was a gulf between the opportunities available to their daughter and those offered to her twin brother.


Claire and David’s daughter has a learning disability.

In 2013 Claire and David founded Little Gate, with a vision to increase the opportunities available to adults with learning disabilities and autism.

Today the Little Gate charity works tirelessly to find fulfilling, supported, paid work for people in this situation.