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Our candidates thrive on regularity and routine which means that, once they’re settled into a job or apprenticeship, they are dedicated and confident employees.

But reaching that point requires specialist support, which is where our Job Coaches come in.

Job Coaching

Job Coaches are assigned when candidates start training or apprenticeships with Little Gate and, where possible, the same Job Coach will remain with them throughout their employment.

All our Job Coaches are trained in Systematic Instruction, ensuring that the same learning principles are applied during training and in the workplace.

Good preparation is critical to success

The Job Coach will be directly involved from the start of the employment process, helping to match the right candidate to the right job.

Once the right job has been found the Job Coach will assist the candidate with many aspects of getting to know their new role, including travel training and benefits advice.

Workplace preparations

In the workplace our Job Coaches will liaise with the employer and their existing team before the candidate starts work. This ensures any necessary minor adjustments are made and everyone is comfortable with the particular needs of their new workmate.

Starting work

The Job Coach will then support the candidate in the workplace for the first few months, until they are confident enough to work independently.

As well as providing support with the practical aspects of work, the Job Coach will also help our candidate adapt to the workplace environment. This might include building relationships with colleagues and dealing with the social aspects of their job.

Ongoing support

Our Job Coaches support candidates directly in the workplace for up to six months – the timescale will vary according to the person’s individual needs. After this the Job Coach will continue to offer support when needed, for example if elements of the job change and new training is required.

Robyn and Hollie are now both working independently in the nursery. They have become essential members of the team and complete their roles with very little support. Both ladies make a contribution to our setting including social chat in the staff room and sharing news from their daily lives. The key to the success of this venture has been the support they have received from their job coach – something that we would not have been able to offer them. It has been great to see both Hollie and Robyn grow in confidence as they have settled into their jobs.

— Manager at Glyne Gap nursery which employs two of our work trainees.

Do you have what it takes?

Being a Job Coach is an incredibly rewarding role. You would be helping people with learning disabilities and autism to achieve long term employment and life-changing confidence.

If you’d like to find out more about becoming a Job Coach for Little Gate then please contact us.