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How your gift will help

Today, only 6% of people with learning disabilities and autism are in paid employment. So where are the others? Some are in long term, unpaid work experience, others are in day care, but for many there is no option but to stay at home.

Work gives us all a sense of purpose and a structure to our lives. As well as money, work leads to confidence and improves physical and mental health. It also provides an opportunity to make friends and be less dependent on benefits.

Your gift will change lives!

Monthly donation

Direct debit

  • £20 could help provide a job coach for a young adult in their first paid job
  • £10 could support the parents of teenagers with learning disabilities or autism as their child reaches adulthood
  • £5 could help pay for play equipment for children with learning disabilities or autism

Monthly donations are by direct debit and can be arranged online through GoCardless:

Donate £20 / month
Donate £10 / month

If you would like to donate a different amount to those above, please contact us.

Single donation

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  • £100 could pay for training to help a learning disabled adult travel to work independently
  • £40 could help pay for a day of work training for a young adult with autism or a learning disability
  • £20 could help pay for our holiday club for children with learning disabilities or autism

Single donations are paid by card or PayPal online through Charities Aid Foundation: