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We aim to make the Little Gate website accessible to as many users as possible. To facilitate this, we have ensured that:

  • The website has been thoroughly tested on all modern devices, operating systems and browsers.
  • Page load speeds have been optimised to help those on slow internet connections access the website.
  • All content images that convey meaning or instruction include descriptive ALT attributes for screen readers to use. Those that are purely for decoration have empty ALT attributes.
  • We have avoided low contrast colour schemes and have not used colour alone for navigation.
  • We have avoided small text and the website can be magnified using standard browser zoom controls.
  • Hyperlinks within page contents are underlined and their anchor text accurately describes the hyperlink’s destination.
  • All URLs are descriptive and can be used as a navigation aid.
  • The website can be navigated without a standard keyboard and mouse; the TAB and ENTER keys (or their assistive technology equivalents) can be used to move between, and select, elements such as links and form fields.
  • We have used semantic HTML throughout the website to give proper document structure, for example with main headings, sub-headings and lists.
  • Where necessary and possible, we have added ARIA attributes to help assistive technology understand certain elements of the site.

Our website links to, or embeds, some third-party services from providers such as Facebook, Stripe and GoCardless. Those services have their own accessibility policies.

If you have any difficulty using our website, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help.