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Families of children with learning disabilities or autism receive a good level of support from the state while their children are aged 18 or younger.

But from the age of 19 this support is withdrawn, leaving many families feeling that they are standing on a cliff edge – suddenly dealing with the same situation, just with far less assistance.

With this in mind, we have set up the Parent Forum.

Parent Forum

Our Parent Forum is an opportunity for the families of people with learning disabilities or autism, of any age, to get together and share information and advice.

The simple act of meeting other families in a similar situation can in itself bring a huge amount of reassurance – as they realise that they are not alone in the fears and anxieties they are facing.

Our Parent Forums focus on preparations for, and experiences in, adulthood and employment. They are also a great way to find out a bit more about Little Gate and what we do.

The Parent Forums aren’t just for parents of our trainees, we welcome any parents who feel that they might benefit from our support.

We hold our Parent Forums at various locations, so there should be one near you. Please contact us for details of dates and locations.