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Bethany’s story

My name is Bethany Doe and I’ve just finished a supported traineeship at the British Heart Foundation in Eastbourne.

I had support from a job coach from Little Gate Supported Employment Team. They supported me by coming with me to the workplace and supported me with any tasks I had to do there. They also supported me with the Education Provider (Andrew Tregear from Smart Training).

They picked me up from the workplace and then drop me home. I could have done public travel training with the job coach but due to my anxiety I didn’t do this.

I think this experience has made me a bit more confident about doing the tasks that’s asked of me. I still need to work on my confidences, but I hope that with support from the job coach for my apprenticeship it will grow.

Bethany Doe

Whilst I was supporting Bethany she covered a variety of tasks within the British Heart Foundation, she built good relationships with the staff and was a valued member of the team. Bethany struggled with her anxiety at times but the manager was very kind and caring and offered support and understanding. Bethany was a pleasure to spend time with and support. 

Tracey – Bethany’s Job Coach