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It is critical that we match the right person to the right job or apprenticeship – both for the sake of the candidate and the employer. To do this we carry out a process of ‘job profiling’.

Is the job right?

It’s in no-one’s interests for us to place jobseekers in roles where they won’t thrive, so we’re very careful about assessing every employment opportunity.

Job description review

We’ll review each job description and discuss it in detail with the employer to ensure we fully understand exactly what the job will entail. This may lead to a ‘job carving’ recommendation where the role is broken down to suit different candidates and ensure that the employer has a cost effective solution.

Workplace visits

We visit each company to check that the working environment is appropriate, both in terms of the physical location and the people our candidate will be working with. This enables us to identify any alterations or extra assistance which may be required.

Financial implications

We ensure that the job role is both fulfilling and a long-term opportunity. We will also check that the candidate will be financially better off by taking this job.

Is the candidate right?

Vocational profiling

We use techniques such as vocational profiling to assess the candidate’s abilities, past experiences, interests and aspirations. The candidate is openly involved in this process and encouraged to make their own informed choices about potential jobs and their career.

Parents, carers and support workers are also involved in this process, which can often provide valuable insights into the candidate’s strengths and challenges.

A tailored approach

Each candidate is individually assessed and a tailored pathway to employment agreed for them. This can include Supported Work Training, Supported Apprenticeships, work experience and, occasionally, going straight into Supported Employment.

The job suits me. I like working quietly on my own and I can just get on with it.

— Stephen, a Little Gate trainee who works at Focus SB.

We ensure that the candidate only moves on to the next step in their pathway once they are fully ready to do so.

CV preparation

We will also assist our jobseekers in preparing a curriculum vitae to support their employment applications. This can become a valuable asset to them as they progress their career in the future.