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Success for Simon!

One of our trainees Simon, aged 31, collected his first ever paycheque last week from Jaytec Glass! Simon has a learning disability and autism and attended the farm for about three years. After completing a work experience placement, he started his first Job in October as a Factory Assistant!

Simon hard at work!


Simon joined the farm a few years ago, and has proven to be very passionate and skilled in the catering group. As the farm grew and many more trainees began attending, he found it a stressful place to be and it began to affect his mental health. We wanted the best for Simon, and worked with him and other professionals to try many different approaches so Simon could thrive at the farm- we eventually came to the decision that the farm was a big cause of stress for him and we would endeavour to find work in an alternative setting.

Simon was then offered a work experience placement at Jaytec, and during his four weeks there he showed unbelievable work ethic, professionalism, confidence and empathy towards his colleagues. He even made a friend there and was so pleased to have had a proper workplace experience. After finishing the placement, Simon was offered a part time job!


Simon’s clear and concise response to why he loves his job!


Speaking to Simon a few months on from starting his job, he is happier than ever and said he “didn’t know where he would be without Little Gate”.  On top of all the mental health benefits that paid work has, Simon is particularly pleased that he is able to earn his own money to spend for himself. His job coach Tracey is proud of his progress, and so are all of us at Little Gate!

Hats off to Simon!


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