Little Gate Farm welcomes visits from school groups. We specialise in meeting the needs of children with special needs, but we also welcome groups from mainstream schools.

Hannah, head of Little Gate Farm, has developed a Little Gate Farm curriculum which supports and enhances the National Curriculum. We can offer sessions based on a wide range of topics to supplement in-school learning. We have a purpose built classroom on site as well as outdoor learning spaces like our woodland roundhouse and our yurt, which create an informal but memorable setting for learning to take place.

If you would like to arrange for your school to visit Little Gate Farm please contact Hannah on 01797 260125 or

Forest school and Woodland walks – Outdoor activities using the Forest School model

Achieving the 5 steps to well-being, as developed by the Forest of Avon Trust who have worked extensively with learning disabled adults using the forest school model:

  1. Connect: Spending time as a group in the woods helps people to connect with each other through activities, games and shared experiences in nature. Activities, such as blindfolded ‘meet a tree’, encourage people to work together, trusting and caring for each other.
  2. Be Active: Both the activities and the woodland environment encourage a high level of physical activity and increased physical confidence.
  3. Take Notice: The woodland setting provides rich sensory experiences and frequently prompts individuals to comment on and discuss what is around them. Over a period of time groups get drawn into and stimulated by the ever-changing environment.
  4. Keep Learning: The range of activities on offer provide new opportunities to learn about the natural environment and gain practical skills. Fires are a key activity for many groups providing a way to become more safety aware, improve fine motor skills and work as a group. Participants often get a strong sense of personal achievement from learning to light a fire using novel methods.
  5. Give: A key objective of this work is to connect groups and individuals to local woodlands and to help to improve it for the benefit of people and wildlife. Some of the programmes have used the John Muir Award scheme to develop this aspect of work and participants receive certificates to recognise their achievements.

Visit the Forest of Avon Trust’s website to view a full summary of their work.

If you would like to book our log cabin, roundhouse, woodland or classroom to run a course please get in touch.