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Pilot Programme | March & April 2014

Day 1: Welcome to Little Gate Farm

Learning outcome

  • Become farm & woodland orientated
  • Become aware of the importance of PPE , H&S, fire safety

Day 2: Introduction to chickens and eggs

Learning outcome

  • Introduction to lifting and carrying safely/ health and safety on farm
  • Gain an understanding of PPE, & importance of personal hygiene
  • Introduction to eggs/pullets/chickens
  • Understand types of chickens, what they are used for, where chickens live, coops and bedding, what makes them happy

Day 3: Prepare and assemble a chicken coop

Learning outcome

  • Acquire basic skills in assembling a chicken coop (pre-made)
  • Understand the importance of H&S on the farm, Lifting techniques, & risks of working outdoors
  • Recognise different types of housing, what tools are used and how to use them safely

Day 4: Erect and maintain fox proof fence

Learning outcome

  • To develop an understanding of why fences are important on a farm and why they need maintaining

Day 5: Introduction to the woodland and Hazel pole selecting

Learning outcome

  • Basic understanding of woodland structure and how a woodland develops
  • Identify common types of trees in the woodland
  • Identify Hazel poles and how to cut them, stack them

Day 6: Prepare the chicken coop for flock arrival

Learning outcome

  • Introduction to how to care for chickens
  • Develop a basic understanding of how to care for young chicks

Day 7: Make a kitchen spatula out of ash

Learning outcome

  • Make a small kitchen spatula form a piece of sourced Ash
  • Introduction to traditional hand tools and shave horses

Day 8: Lambing time!

Learning outcome

  • Find out about pregnant sheep and how and where lambs are born
  • Learn how to look after pregnant sheep
  • How to care for new born lambs

Day option if raining, Build a dormouse habitat

Learning outcome

  • Understand dormice habitats
  • With help build a pre-built flat packed dormouse home

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