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Everything we do at Little Gate farm will be driven by learning and enterprise.

We aim to do this by:

  • Christmas Reindeer from little Gate Care Farm in SussexProducing fire wood, coppice, woodland crafts.
  • Growing and selling vegetables.
  • Rearing and producing eggs and meat products from our farm stock.
  • Making food and products from farm produce.
  • Selling: we will sell our produce in a variety of ways that supports the learning around enterprise and the development of skills.
  • Preparing and selling farm produce offers great learning opportunities – Rangers can aim to acquire skills in time management, money handling, communication, working with others, health and safety, safe preparation of food, food safety, animal care, woodland management, conservation and craft making. Learners can demonstrate enterprise & functional skills in maths and English through selling farm produce in a variety of ways,
  • Community Presence – Whilst the sale of goods is not likely to be significant, it does provide a realistic work experience. We also aim to have a positive community presence and provide a useful community service. We can do that by selling and delivering firewood, running a farmers market stall,  selling our farm produce and seasonal vegetables directly to other businesses.