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Being outdoors is good for you, improving mental and physical wellbeing, reducing stress, improving physical health, creativity, self- esteem and concentration!” Care Farming UK, 2012


Woodland at Little Gate Farm in Sussex

The management of our ancient woodland is essential for the long term health of the woodland, flora and fauna.

We coppice in a rotation, and use the felled trees to build round wood structures using traditional woodworking methods, with tradional hand tools.

This work is both rewarding, physical and is a real team effort. Trees are coppiced in the winter months when sap is at its lowest.

Coppiced wood is used in a variety of ways including drying and storing as firewood, using it to make greenwood crafts, round wood structures, hurdles, fences and animal barns.

We aim to use all our own wood to build the barns, wood store, outdoor cooking area and animal shelters from our own wood supply.

We also hope to offer forest school activities to specific groups and woodland walks.

 See conservation page for more info on our woodlands

Farm Animals

  • Sheep at Little Gate Care Farm in SussexSheep – Get involved in the care of our sheep flock, lambing, feeding, looking after them, and keeping them safe.
  • Goats –Get involved in caring for our goats, learn how to produce goat’s milk, cheese and meat.  Find out about their life cycle, health and diet. Discover their temperament, personalities and make friends. Goats are fantastic farm animals, clever, funny and friendly.
  • Chickens – Get involved in caring for our hens, egg collecting, chicks & hatching.   Learn about keeping chickens safe, their diet and health. (We are in the process of building our goat and chicken houses.  We are really looking forward to getting our farm goats and chickens and have been preparing for their arrival for some time.)

Vegetable Growing

We are building raised beds and polytunnels in preparation for next Spring and we will be preparing the ground and pathways over the next few months.


We have a small apple orchard on the farm and grow a variety of apples, crab apples and figs.